Saturday, October 2, 2010

Loving Homeschool!

The kids were begging for school today.  I explained that it is a Saturday and usually kids don't have school on Saturday.  They insisted they wanted school... we had a full and fun day of lessons.  Really, how can I say no to kids who are begging to learn!?  We enjoyed reading The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton, "Tabby Cat" read a story to us, we did a couple math lessons, and a science study of trees.  Fortunately I had done all my lesson plans for Monday on Friday night!  Now to make new lesson plans for Monday.

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  1. I love it! May your children always have such a love for learning. You must be doing a great job. Teaching in a way that your kids love to learn is of course a wonderful benefit of homeschooling, but it doesn't come automatically. Way to go!
    What are you doing for homeschooling? I guess I mean what curriculum or method or approach are you using? Or are you just winging it? I like to hear what other people are doing, because I'm mostly in winging-it mode around here for the homeschooling portion of our studies, and I'm collecting ideas to get a little more structured :)