Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today is the day!

Today is the day I begin my journey to Democratic Republic of the Congo! My first flight takes off at 10:30 tonight from San Diego. I will meet up with Cammie in Washington D.C. Then we're off to Ethiopia, then Rwanda, and finally to Congo. We are scheduled to arrive in Bukavu, DR Congo on Sunday morning. It all adds up to 2 days of travel, about 24 hours of actual flying time. Not looking forward to that part of the trip! But I'm sure God has plans for that time, too.

I can't wait to give hugs to my wonderful family in Congo and to hold and play with the babies and children at the orphanage. The biggest bags I've ever seen are packed full of cloth diapers, plastic diaper covers, formula, and toys for Kaziba Orphanage. 2 bags, 50 pounds each, plus a small suitcase and a backpack for me. My luggage is bigger than me and weighs as much as I do!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is supportive of my trip and able to help me get all this to the airport. Thanks Joel; I love you! How I will miss him and my sweet daughter and son while I am traveling. I love you my little "Tabby Cat" and "Baby Oliver"! A huge thank you also to everyone who is praying for me and this trip, all who have given donations and financial support, and to the kids' grandmas who are coming to take care of them when Joel is working. I love and appreciate you all!

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