Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The overflow of my heart

Just three days until I leave for DR Congo! I am nervous, excited, and a little overwhelmed too.

My heart has been very full lately. My thoughts and feelings keep overflowing. Unfortunately I haven't seemed to have words to express the emotions and changes going on in my heart. Instead this overflow keeps coming from my eyes. Oh how I hate to cry! Especially in front of people.

As I think of and pray for the orphaned children throughout the world, and especially in Congo, tears come to my eyes... As I think about the 2 weeks I'll be away from my own children and husband, tears come to my eyes... Helping in Vacation Bible School last week, I cried with the kids when they cried because their moms were leaving, and tears slid down my cheeks as I told a sweet little girl about how much Jesus loves her... As I talked to my kids about how blessed we are to live in the United States and celebrate our amazing freedoms, more tears...

Hopefully soon I'll be able to express more of these emotions, and the things God is teaching me, through words and actions, and not quite so much with my tears!

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