Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preparing to move... AGAIN

We are buying a house!  It should close tomorrow and we hope to move into our new home on Saturday!  I am so excited for our family to make this move.  We have been living in small spaces and without a yard for the kids for most of their lives.  Our new home has an extra room that will be our dedicated school room, plus a yard with lots of room for running, gardening, and hopefully chickens eventually.  And all this for about the same monthly expense as what we were paying for rent at our last condo.

As we were filling out all the papers for the house purchase, one document in particular was a little surprising.  We had to write all the addresses Joel has lived at in the last 10 years.  Can you guess how many?  Our list for him was 13 addresses; one of those was 2 years at the same military address, but in reality probably included 2 to 4 moves.  That makes at least 15 moves in 10 years for Joel.  Poor guy.   The count for me is 9 moves in 10 years.  And for the kids... Tabby Cat has lived in 7 different homes in her 5 years of life (this next one will make 8) and Baby Oliver has lived in 5 homes in his 3 years.  Ugh.  Hoping we can stay put a good long time and stop the moving insanity.

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  1. Congratulations Shuana!!! So exciting! I hope I get a chance to visit and say hi to you all once you're in the new place. So happy for you. :)