Friday, August 27, 2010

School has started!

Homeschool is in session at our house!  Little "Tabby Cat" is starting Kindergarten and "Baby Oliver" will be joining in with what he wants to do and doing some preschool work.  So far both kids are very excited about school each day.  They have been waking up at 6:30 and trying to talk me into starting the school day by 7:00 am!  Perhaps I should just dive in then, but I am not a morning person.  Our school day starts at 8:30; Tabby watches the clock and I can't be a minute late.  Pretty cute.  Hoping and praying for a wonderful school year with lots of fun and learning.

This is a picture of the kids dressed and ready for the first day of school.  I wish the picture captured their bare feet!  One time when I was about six, I forgot to put shoes on before getting in the car to go to school.  We were half way to school before I realized my error and asked my mom to turn around.

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