Saturday, April 23, 2011

I can't believe it!

April has been a busier than usual month for us.  That isn't saying much really, as we tend to live a pretty low key life.  My daughter somehow ended up with 4 birthday celebrations in the past 3 weeks.  The first was a party with Grammie (Joel's mom) when she came to visit.

The second was a quick celebration with Anna's friends at her charter school.  The third was a party with my brothers, their families, and Grandma (my mom, who also came for a visit this month).

And finally she had a birthday party with a few of her closest friends.

She had 4 fun parties,  but I am now rather tired of celebrating birthdays.  Hopefully I find renewed energy in time for my son's birthday in July.

It was wonderful to have both Grammie and Grandma visit this month.  Anna and Arik loved the attention and time with their grandmas.  And Joel and I had the amazing privilege of going on 3 dates in one month!  Thank you Grammie and Grandma for babysitting!  We usually manage about 2 dates a year; so I guess this means we won't get our next date for another year and a half...  I sure hope that isn't the case. 

It was such a blessing to spend uninterrupted quality time with my handsome husband.  We enjoyed bowling one evening, went shopping for chicken coop supplies at Home Depot for another date (sounds fun, right?), and today we hiked 6 miles (which I must say is much faster without kids).  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time with Joel.

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