Friday, July 1, 2011


A few weeks ago I was listening to my kids as they played a game together.  My son, Arik, explained a rule he would like to have for the game.  My daughter, Anna, replied, "How about I always choose the rules, the oldest kid always decides.  Say 'Okay,' Arik."

I continued to listen, curious how he would respond.  Arik paused and sat quietly thinking for a moment.  "Okay," he agreed to Anna's role as the dictator.  Is he happy with that rule?  Or was he simply trying to avoid conflict?

As a young child, I too almost always did exactly what my older brother told or asked me to do.  I don't remember being bothered by it.  Sibling relationships and birth order are very interesting to behold.  How have your relationships and interactions with your siblings impacted who you are today?

My brothers (and my niece!) and me.

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