Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kaziba Orphanage 9 months later

It feels like just yesterday, and it feels like a life time ago, that I was blessed by a trip around the world to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In real time, it has been 9 months since I returned from my time in Congo.  While I was gone, I missed my 2 children so very much.  Now, of course, a piece of my heart has also been left behind with the many precious children of Kaziba Orphanage.  How I wish it didn't require days of travel and very expensive airfare to go and hold them and see their beautiful smiles.

Because of the prayers and generous donations of many who supported my trip to Congo, some very neat things have been able to take place at Kaziba Orphanage.  I thought you might be interested in knowing more about it!

The primary project that was accomplished through donations was the building of a wall around the orphanage grounds.  Here is what my sister-in-law, Holly, wrote to me about it, "The wall has been HUGE.  You wouldn't believe how much they planted and harvested immediately after putting it up.  It's amazing!  They use it for much needed food."

This was so exciting to me for more than one reason.  First and foremost, the orphanage now has a means to grow a large portion of the food for the kids.  They can have a fresh and healthy food source that is not dependent on donations.  Also, do you remember the passage God spoke to me while I was preparing for my time in Congo?  He placed in my heart the story of Jesus feeding over 5,000 people with a small basket of fish and bread.  I trusted God to make it happen, but I really didn't understand how the little bit I could do would get anywhere near providing thousands of meals.  About 30 kids eating 3 meals a day, that could add up to 5,000 pretty quick!  And who knows what else He has planned for this garden or the children being nourished by it?  See what God can do with the little bits we have to offer!?  Here are some pictures of the garden and the beans that have been grown in it.

"These are beans harvested because the wall was built.  The hand is the 70 year old cook, Abel. 
This is what the kids eat."  (All quotes are from Holly who visits the orphanage regularly.)

Some of the crops growing.

"This is one of the women that was hired last year.  Because there are more staff, the mamas now can be seen sitting with kids in their laps.  The little boy standing is Moise.  He was so weak and malnourished a year ago, I thought for sure he would die.  Now he is crawling & pulling himself up. "

 "I see the Bumbo seats in use whenever I am there, and the babies are stronger for it."

"This is little Chantal who turned one the day this photo was taken.  She can pull her self up.  She was one of the babies that was often put in the bumbo chairs." 

When I was at the orphanage last July, the babies had diapers that resembled thin little kitchen towels and were tied on by bits of thin plastic.  The diapers would leak constantly and the kids would scoot around on the floor leaving trails and puddles to be mopped up by a young man who worked there.  Many generous friends helped provide new cloth diapers and covers.  Holly reported, "The diapers and covers help a ton.  Not only are they leaking less, but they are being changed more often so less diaper rashes."

"I think the training meant a lot.  But even more than that was you guys coming and us staying up there overnight.  The encouragement the women received helps them love the children more and you can see it in the happiness in the children's faces and laughter.  It's a different place compared to one year ago."

"Here is sweet Ziruka from a month ago.  Happy girl."

What little miracles these children are!  Good things are happening and I feel so blessed to have been a tiny part of it and by so many others who took part in showing Christ's love to the children and staff at Kaziba Orphanage.  I encourage you to continue to pray for the children and staff of Kaziba and for the country of Congo.

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  1. What an amazing opportunity you had! I just did some research on adoption for my sister. I found a set of boy girl twins waiting to be adopted from the congo, and they were only 6 mos old. I would LOVE to adopt them, but husband "thinks" we are done having kids. :) Your pictures are wonderful.