Friday, May 13, 2011

Little hands and little feet

Little hands and little feet make great starts for art and craft projects.  They are just so cute!  Why didn't I figure this out sooner?  I really wish I had my kids' hand and foot prints from when they were teeny tiny.  Or that I'd made prints each year on their birthdays to go with the yearly birthday photos.  Better now than never...

Here are some of the crafts we've done this spring with hand prints and foot prints.  I imagine I will treasure these memories for years to come!

Spring Flowers by Anna
 My son hid his flower hand prints somewhere.  I need to find it and put it in a safe spot!

The following pictures were made by tracing each person's foot, and then painting it to create something new.  The kids are really into fairies right now (thanks to Tinkerbell).

Vidia the Fairy by Arik

Fawn the Fairy by Anna

I decided to join the fun!

 I think it is time to dip two sets of little feet into some paint and get some real foot prints!

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