Wednesday, May 4, 2011

His Grace is sufficient

I read a wonderful blog, "A Place Called Simplicity," on a regular basis.  From time to time, Linny the author of the blog, leads a day of prayer and fasting.  Prayer, yes I can do that.  But I have always been fearful of fasting.  I have a very quick metabolism and start to get shaky if I don't eat every 2 to 3 hours.  If I wait longer than that I usually start to get kind of faint, severe headaches, etc.  Not a great way to feel when I am trying to take care of my young kids.

Recently, another opportunity for prayer and fasting was presented.  I really felt like maybe I should join in.  I tried to think of some good excuses, but paused to ask God what his opinion was.  "Do you want me to fast today?"  And immediately I heard, "Yes."  Next I asked, "Do you want me to keep fasting if I start to get dizzy and shaky or have a bad headache?  What about the kids?"  And quickly I heard, "My grace is sufficient for you."  Wow, those were quick responses.  I'd been hoping God would answer my questions after I had time for breakfast!

Feeling very hungry, I sat down to read my Bible.  As I was reading, my feeling of hunger went away. God's word is good food!  The feeling of hunger returned throughout the day and I used it as a reminder to spend the time either praying or reading my Bible.  I was certainly hungry, but I didn't experience my usual symptoms from not eating frequently enough.  I didn't even have a headache until I broke the fast and ate again.  The kids and I had a great day.  God's grace is way more than sufficient.  I am so glad that he takes the time to speak to me and teach me new things.

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