Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lots of books, and a mean little girl

 It is summer! We are taking a break from full days of school at our house. We've had lots of time for chores, playing, gardening, and oodles of reading.

Here are some of the books the kids and I have read together in the past week or two. We have been spending 2 or 3 hours reading together each day. Today we read The Boxcar Children, the entire thing. My son was doing somersaults on the couch as I read, but he was listening. I had my daughter do a narration of some of the chapters. I'd take a break to do some chores and the kids would beg me to read more.

 Yesterday we read The Hundred Dresses. It is a story about a poor girl who is teased by the other children. The little girl telling the story didn't tease her, but realized the teasing was wrong and yet did nothing to stop it. When I was in grade school and junior high I treated some of my classmates terribly. I was one mean little girl. To this day I feel awful about that, and I wish I could see those people I treated so badly and have a chance to apologize. If you have kids of any age, or are a teacher, this is a wonderful book to read to them.

We've been reading and learning from these books each day as well.

 No book can compare to reading the Bible. Just this week, the book of Mark has given me the chance to teach my kids about circumcision, adultery, and divorce! All topics I would rather they learned about from me than from someone else. It has also given me the chance to teach them about the God who loves us so much that he sent his Son Jesus to save us. And about Jesus, the King who came to Earth as a servant and a teacher.

In the evening, I spend some more time reading! Here are the books I've read this month. What are you reading at the moment? I'm planning to read some classics next. Do you have a favorite that you would recommend?

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  1. I LOVE this post! of course. :)

    favorites for you (not kids yet): jane eyre, wuthering heights, all jane austen of course, all elizabeth goudge, little women, a separate peace, lord of the flies, gone with the wind, scarlet letter, les miserables.... I could go on forever...

    did you mean for the kids?

    we started the little britches series recently and are loving it. (have to censor a bit on the cowboys using "by God" and "D---", but it is excellent anyway!)