Sunday, June 12, 2011


Lately my kids have been joining me for all or part of our church worship service.  Typically they have gone to their separate Sunday School classes.  I love having them with me in church!  I really enjoy worshiping God with my children, at home throughout the week and on Sundays at church.  It is a wonderful way for them to watch and learn as I, and the other adults around them, worship God.  I find that our hearts bond together even more through our time in church together.

It is challenging for them to sit still and be quiet, and it is more challenging for me to focus when they are there.  With practice, however, we are all getting better at it.  The results are certainly worth the effort.  I love how even my 3 year old (a very active and talkative boy) listens to the pastor and asks me questions about the sermon.

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