Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The grass is greener

Did you hear me whining?  I'm sure sorry if you did.  The grass really did look greener on the other side of the fence.

My husband, Joel, worked a bunch of overtime in June and July.  That wouldn't be too bad if he got paid extra.  Or if the kids had been able to see him a bit more.  For Father's Day, my 6 year old daughter made him a card and showed it to me.  "See those four hearts, Mom?  Those are so Daddy doesn't forget that we have four people in our family."

But, the part I was whining about?  We are a one car family.  We share a car; which leaves me without a car most days.  Nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I was the one who chose to go without my own car in order to save money.  Usually we can take Joel to work on occasion and the kids and I can spend the day driving where we please.  It just doesn't work too well when he works super long days and gets home after the kids' bedtime.

Sheepishly, I must admit to you, my whining sounded something like this:  "I feel so stuck at home.  I had hoped to get out of the house a couple times a week this summer and go places with the kids.  Oh, poor me, I live such a hard life..."  You get the idea, right?  I'll leave it at that so I don't drive you crazy.

The grass simply looked a whole lot brighter over there. 

Now my darling is back to a normal work schedule.  The kids get to see their daddy; they know that they are not forgotten.  We are able to drive Joel to work and roam freely about the county doing as we please.  And what do I want to do?  Well, I just want to stay home of course!  The kids and I are having a blast here!  Who would want to go anywhere else?  Yes, our lawn is full of dry grass, weeds, and chicken manure.  But home is looking mighty green and bright to me.  It was just my attitude that needed a little weeding and watering.

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