Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mommy Brain

I've felt significantly less intelligent since becoming a mom.  I assume (or maybe I hope) that I'm not the only parent who has experienced this.  I wonder about my ability to hold a decent conversation with other adults.

What happened to the knowledge and abilities that I used to have?  Maybe I was over-confident in what I thought I knew!  Parenting is quite effective at showing me lots of things that I need to learn and skills that I need to develop.  Maybe most of my brain cells were destroyed from years of nearly sleepless nights.  Or from years of communicating mostly with small children.

Or maybe I'm just preoccupied with different things.  I do know pretty much all of my children's likes, dislikes, and personality quirks.  I am able to tell them where almost all of their "missing" possessions are located.  I am able to figure out what to feed my family.  I do manage to keep everyone bathed and wearing clean clothes.  I do happen to have a full school year, plans for a bunch of different subjects, mapped out in my mind.

For now, I'm strangely okay with this, my mommy brain.  If anyone would like to have an interesting, adult conversation with me, I should be able to manage that in about 10 years or so.

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