Saturday, May 15, 2010

The blog adventure begins!

Almost 5 years ago I felt compelled to start a blog. I’ve always been a writer at heart and was in need of a way to express myself. Had I actually started blogging back then, the content would have been so different than what it is likely to be now. My focus then was simply me and my baby girl. The posts would have been about my pregnancy and birth experience, my daughter’s habits and development, and the baby products I loved.

Today, my focus is on living in the love of Jesus Christ. He is my passion and every day I strive to learn and follow in the path Jesus has for me. And what an amazing and exciting journey He has in store for me! Who knows what this blog would contain if I waited 5 more years to start it…

But for now, I plan to write about some of the things Jesus has been patiently teaching me. It is amazing what God has to say when we pause and listen and open our hearts to saying “Yes” to what He has in store. Topics that are likely to show up here soon: orphans and adoption, homeschooling, learning to live with “less,” dealing with depression, and of course parenting (because that is what I do every day). I write because it is therapeutic for me, and also with the hope that somehow the lessons of my life will touch the hearts and lives of others.

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