Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living in His Grace

I am embarrassed to put the following in writing, but I want to be honest about what God has been patiently teaching me.  For the past year or so I've been whining and feeling sorry for myself because we needed to move from a spacious house into a less spacious, but still nice home.  Admitting it makes me realize just how shallow I've been!  My sincere apologies to all of you who endured listening to me!

Here are the questions I am considering.  What are my true NEEDS vs. wants?  Have I ever been unable to feed my children multiple healthy meals each day?  No!  Have I had to wonder if we'd have a warm and safe place to sleep at night?  No!  Have we always had some clothing to wear and safe water to drink?  Yes!  I've been concerned by things like not having a private yard and having to park a bit of a distance from my front door.  I've complained about it.  I've whined about it.  I've been self-absorbed and worldly in my thinking.

Please don't misunderstand me on this.  God still has a lot of work to do!  I continue to have days when I really want unnecessary things.  I still hope to someday have a home with a yard for my kids.  One of the main things I've needed to learn is to be content and thankful no matter what my current situation is.  The biggest thing that is helping me change my attitude and focus is realizing that the more unnecessary things I do without, the more I am able to give to others who have true needs.

God, I am so sorry for this terrible attitude.  I apologize for my selfishness, my pride, my lack of trust in you.  I'm sorry for not having a thankful heart when I've been SO richly blessed.  I thank you Lord for your grace, patience, forgiveness, and abundant provision for me and my family.  Please help me to remember this lesson all the days of my life.  Please help me to continue to grow in the knowledge and understanding of your truth.  Thank you for my salvation that is so completely a free gift, a gift given with immense grace.  Thank you for making me a new creation and for continuing to mold and shape me.  Thank you for my daily bread!  Amen.

The following passage is what God spoke to me regarding this subject.  I don't think I'll type it out for you today.  Go get your Bible!  And if you are reading this and don't have a Bible, leave me a comment and I will send one to you.

Here is the passage - Luke 12: 22-34.  Does this speak to you too?  Read it again, and again if needed.  I sure have!  The topics in this scripture have been huge in my life lately.  It is likely they'll show up again in future blogs.

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