Friday, September 16, 2011

Exploring in the garden

Most of our spring/summer garden is done for the season.  That means it is time for me to dig and weed the garden in preparation for fall planting.

The kids and I have been working out there.  The kids say they are going to turn the whole garden into a swimming pool.  I must admit I have other plans for it, like growing edible things.  In the meantime, they have made a pretty large hole.  And they certainly have been coming in the house with very dirty hands, feet, and clothing.

While the young ones dig, wistfully dreaming of a swimming pool, I've been cutting down the tomato jungle.  We have seen two mice darting in and out amidst the zucchini and spaghetti squash plants.  No pictures; they are fast little critters.

Yesterday Arik said, "Mom, what is that?  It's something alive."  I glanced and told him it was just a leaf.  He poked it and showed me that it was indeed a living creature.

An albino praying mantis?

It turned out to be a pink praying mantis.  Pink?  I thought they are supposed to be green or brown.  I briefly researched it online and came across a bunch of differing opinions as to whether a praying mantis could be considered albino.

Last week the kids had their annual doctor's visits.  I thought they looked pretty cute in the little gowns.

These two get their fair share of colds and other viruses each year, but in general they are extremely healthy.  This was the first doctor visit for either of them in an entire year.  I am so extremely thankful for the blessing of their good health.  I am so thankful that they are able to dig in the dirt, investigate bugs, and climb trees.  I am thankful for the 20 times each day that I remind my son to not hug the chickens quite so hard.  And for the 10 times every day that I ask my kids to take a break from wrestling with each other before someone gets hurt.  Each day with my loved ones is such a precious gift.

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