Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learning with Eric Carle

I think this is at least the third time I've mentioned reading books by Eric Carle.  Quite simply, the kids and I like his books and illustrations.  They are fun for all ages.  We've been making use of them for reading practice, learning Spanish, and some great art experiences.  A lot of his books contain simple science or math ideas as well.

Some of the books by Eric Carle that we have borrowed from the library.  I've attempted to locate each one in English and Spanish.  We read each one several times to become more familiar with the Spanish vocabulary.
The illustrations are made by painting tissue paper, cutting or tearing pieces from the tissue paper, and gluing the pieces to the background material.  I decided this would be a fun craft for us to try.  I thought it might be a bit too challenging for my little one to paint tissue paper without tearing it, so we painted regular white paper and then cut it and glued the pieces onto sheets of thicker white paper.

Arik (age 4) asked for some help cutting out the shapes he wanted.

Anna (age 6) illustrated a book and wrote a story all on her own.  I was impressed by her skill in cutting out cats and other shapes.
For more details on the art process Eric Carle uses, and other ideas for using Eric Carle's books, you can look here.

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