Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My little Nubians

The kids and I have been having so much fun learning at home.  We have been studying Ancient History, and recently read a book titled "Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors" by Marian Broida.  This book includes many creative activities. 

Honestly, I am often tempted to turn the activity pages as quickly as I can before the kids have a chance to see the projects and ask to do them.  Sometimes it just seems like a whole lot of work.  But fairly often, I slow down, stop worrying about the mess involved, and dive into a project with the kids.  The results are wonderful and memorable.

Anna loves to sew and often asks for opportunities to do so.

Arik and Anna both designed and sewed their own hats.

Anna and Arik helped sew their very own "Nubian Clothes" from an old sheet that I had on hand.  Nubia was a kingdom to the South of Egypt.  It was located along the Nile in what is now the Southern portion of Egypt and the Northern part of Sudan.

They seem to be quite pleased with the end results!
After sewing their Nubian outfits, they decorated them with puffy paint.  And yes, some of that paint is now adding color to our very light tan carpet.  But these smiles, and the hours they have spent wearing their costumes around the house and yard, are worth the inconvenience of stained carpet and the time and effort it took me to help them with this project.  Maybe those green stains (and the purple, blue, black, and orange ones from previous crafts) are meant to remind me to cherish these times with my kids, to not worry about the mess and just enjoy the moments I have with my sweet treasures.


  1. LOVE it!!!! Looks like so much fun :)

  2. So fun! All those memories they will have and that you will be able to treasure. Thank you for the reminder that slowing down and enjoying all the parts of the process are well worth it.