Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The way things are

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is hope...  amazing courage, amazing beauty.  And there is a lot of hard stuff.  Well really, not just hard, that is putting it too mildly.

Take a look at this blog post.

"After nearly 20 years of state failure and conflict, the Democratic Republic of Congo has become a difficult place in which to be healthy. Life expectancy is only in the early 40s for both men and women; 1 in 13 women dies in childbirth; and 1 in 5 children does not survive to its fifth birthday."

As a citizen of the United States, it is hard to fathom living with these realities.  I have to put my imagination to work; attempt to picture myself walking in very different shoes.  My two kids are 4 and 6.  They are both alive and healthy.  I am always extremely thankful for their health and vitality, but I don't think of it as a matter of defying the odds.  If I was Congolese, chances are strong that I would be mourning the loss of one or more children.  I would certainly have many friends and family members whose young children had died.

When I was pregnant, I didn't worry about whether or not I would live through childbirth.  I am so excited for my loved ones when they are expecting babies.  I don't stop and wonder if they will die in the process.  A baby; a miracle!  Could I have the same joy if I was faced with these odds?  So many women dying in childbirth.  So many children never making it to their fifth birthday.

I'm in my early thirties.  I'm likely to live for many more decades.  Chances are strong that I'll get to see my kids grow up, I'll get to spend time with my grandchildren, and even meet my great- grandchildren.  If I was Congolese, I would be expecting to die at some point in the next decade.  I'd be wondering how my children would manage without my husband and I.

Can you imagine?  This is the way things are.  But there is hope!  What a blessing that we can be a small part of that hope.  Please remember daily to pray for DR Congo.  You can also sponsor a child from the Save the Children Orphanage in Congo.  To do so (or to learn more about it) please follow this link:

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